Are you ready for change? For Freedom? 

For your bad habits and addictions to be gone or irrelevant?

If you want that to happen right NOW then you are in the right place. 

Can you imagine a life where you are the one in control of your cravings, triggers, emotions and your mind and body are in alignment with your beliefs?

If you can but are struggling to get to that place then The Shift Method Experience 30 days to your life transformation is the solution. 

Get The Shift Method Journal that accompanies this program to get more out of your experience. 

Here’s a few things I’ll share with you in this experience. 

What are others’ saying?

Amber Messinger

Day 10 is Golden I really enjoyed that one a lot, but just thinking every choice I make today Is it gonna create miracles or excuses that’s bad ass dude. Really enjoyed that. I’m going to use this technique every day from now on. The tools are very helpful. I’m in it to win it.

I went back over Day 10, Reminded me of how I stay stuck thinking I will get this done someday.  Living in today’s time we never know if tomorrow will come, making a decision to start today & do the thing that holding me make made a lot of sense to me. 

I know there are things I have a strong desire to do & haven’t put into place. 

And it all would make a better life for my girls.

Goes into Day 11 – Make a Damn Decision.  Today I commit to taking the steps to doing the things I know will make our lives better.

Thank you Tuesday for this opportunity to open my eyes to what is possible.

Day 12 – Today is the best day to start over or get started on anything new.


Jacque Payne
Rhonda Clark

I like this. Write down what everything feels like after the change… this can work for me.

I  am so proud

Tuesday Robbins, she has helped me stop gossiping , also to have confidence in myself to stand up to bullies. Today was a test and I passed. I was at work and there is this guy that is a bully and a gossiper. He was trying to get me to gossip. I said ‘ I stay out of gossip’. Then he started saying mean things to me. I told him to  stop and leave me alone. He was SHOCKED!!! I am so proud of myself and of

Tuesday Robbins because without her help I would have never done anything about it. I have always been a people pleaser and thought I deserved to be bullied

Donna Arnett
Jessica Lynn Cook

This couldn’t have come at better time. Today I was filled with excuses. I almost skipped this! I didn’t do my tasks very well. Only did a mental check, but I did set my timer. Today is a new moon. New moon = New energy. I’m kicking it up from this point on.

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